• Explanation

    On May 21, I added the two figures, which represent the raw average sector price (please note that the starting date of the price change goes back to early or mid of 2007 and is not shown here. What is important is to compare the MF signal to the price signal at key turning points) the large player's strength for the sector (measured as the average 20-day Money Flow (MF)). The 0% pink line separates buyers from sellers. A positive MF signal means that there were more buyers than sellers on average during the past 20 days.
    The 20-D average MF is slower to move, but because MF changes usually precede price changes, the 20-day MF is good at pointing out sector price bottoms. However, it is not too good at finding sector price tops, because during a strong sector move institutional players will take partial profits, which will translate into a weaker 20-day MF pattern, without being a reason for general sector weakness.
    The general idea is to buy the bottoming out of the 20-day MF, but to sell the price top.
    The original figures for each stock can be found lower, by scrolling down the page.