This forum was introduced to allow making use of this board's notification system so that you can know whether new posts have been made to the Comment of the Day , the IWM Robot notes and the GDX Robot notes sections of the site.

There are three threads present here: One for the Comment of the Day and two others for the Robots sections.
Pascal posts a notice to each thread whenever the corresponding section is updated.

You can subscribe to each thread by:

  • Opening the thread and
  • via the Thread Tools menu, choose Subscribe to this thread
  • in the next screen, select Notification Type of Instant notification by e-mail

You should be aware of how the underlying software's notification board works and what you can expect of it, so that there are not any surprises:

The system tracks the last time you were active on the system and will send a notification out whenever a thread you are subscribed to is updated, just once, until you re-appear again on the system. So, there is currently no way of receiving a true stream of updates via e-mail. The system will only tell you that there has been activity since your last visit, so that you may check the forums again.

For your information, we are not happy at all with this particular aspect of the forum software and we are looking into expanding the e-mail functionality and interaction options.