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    The short-term trading portfolio results are shown below. This represents my own short-term trading portfolio. As you can see below, even though I have had from time to time a negative month, since the service has started in September 2013, each consecutive quarterly profit returns has been positive.

    For this reason, I am fully confident to offer you a "no-pay-no-fee" guarantee under the following conditions:

    If you started your subscription at any given month, starting from the one complete quarter after the starting date of your subscription, if the rolling quarterly returns are negative, you will be granted a free access until the rolling quarterly returns will turn positive. This will be reviewed on a Monthly basis.

    There is a 100% statistical probability that there will be a bad quarter in the future. However, I am fully confident that the Portfolio will recover fast from any quarterly loss.

    After I wrote the above text, I indeed had a bad quarter in March 2016, but the Portfolio recovered in April

    Below is a Figure that shows the positive correlation between the Portfolio's Monthly gain and the S&P500.