• When the right entry price really matters: The case of GRUB

    GRUB is a recent IPO of 2014.
    We can see that the stock is pulling back after a good uptrend.

    The Pyramid data looks interesting for a long trade.

    We can see below that an entry on a 2% pull-back below the 5MA offers good trade stats.
    However, this entry price is 1.5% below the last close.

    So, is it better to buy at the open today or wait for a better entry price?
    The sensitivity analysis shows us the best entry zone.

    We can see below the return Table as the trade evolves after an entry at $44.16

    Below is the trade evolution on an entry at $44.83.
    You can see that after 20 days, the profits produced by a "wrong entry" ate 7 times lower than the profits generated by a good entry.


    Patience pays!