• The Breakout Calculator

    There are two versions of the Breakout Calculator:

    1. The Breakout Calculator: Most recent version is Ver BC.026 of September 7, 2015
    2. The Breakout Calculator Plus: Most recent version is Ver BCP.017 of September 7, 2015

    If you are using an older version and if you are a registered user, you are entitled to receive the most recent version simply by contacting us.

    Below are a few video links related to the Breakout Calculator:

    Here is a video that explains the Price envelope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRJ4hirKaXs

    You can view here a video that explains how to Buy a Pullback:

    You can view herea video that explains how to use the sensitivity analysis on the Breakout Calculator Plus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WNA3lGEHr8

    Other materials:

    You can download here the step by step guide that comes with the Breakout Calculator:

    Attachment 29345

    Here are the flow charts that will help you with each trade type:

    Attachment 29346

    Limitations of use

    The Breakout Calculator is a software tool I developed in Excel to help traders measure their trade hypothesis in terms of past performance only. In other words, to backtest your trade ideas. But always remember, past performance does not guarantee future performance.

    I do not guarantee that the Breakout Calculator is free from any bugs or error, although reported bugs will be swiftly corrected. Also, note that the Breakout Calculator only works on Windows based Microsoft Excel versions.

    The Breakout Calculator can be freely copied and distributed "as is" but may not be sold for a profit. Decompiling or changing the code of The Breakout Calculator in anyway whatsoever is strictly forbidden.

    The Breakout Calculator uses Yahoo as its free data supplier. I do not guarantee that Yahoo's data is accurate, nor can I guarantee that Yahoo will continue to provide end of day data. The Breakout Calculator will stop functioning if Yahoo changes its data access format or interrupts the service.


    There are two versions: the Breakout Calculator and the Breakout Calculator Plus. The Breakout Calculator Plus includes all the Breakout Calculator functions plus the market sensitivity function.

    The Breakout Calculator plus will be offered to those who help me communicate about this tool, about the Pyramid trading book and/or the www.effectivevolume.com web site.

    I am indeed a one man shop . I rely on word of mouth to attract new visitors to my web site: www.effectivevolume.com. I am hopeful that some new visitors will purchase subscriptions to the real-time high level tools. Subscription revenues are reinvested into R&D to improve the trading tools and methods.

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