• Evolution of the EV Web site

    The survey that we conducted in the past two weeks has allowed us to understand that most EV users are mid or long-term investors who would like to also have a longer-term view of the market. I believe that is is the main point of the survey. It might not be clear from the list of requested features, but when you connect the 20DMF, the outright Long-term requests and the sectors analysis for position trading, it is obvious that more EC users need longer-term guidance.

    This might be difficult in the current QE environment, which is distorting any type of long-term guidance that might be constructed. At the end, we might just be telling: "Buy everything and pray that you will be able to get out before everybody else."

    This is well understood and probably the reason why sectors rotation is coming high in the requests which is attached below with some comments. The list is ranked starting with the features that received the highest number of requests and the top priorities.

    List of priorities.xls


    1. I will develop a specific section dedicated to a longer time frame analysis.
    2. This will also include a section dedicated to sectors rotation.
    3. The development of the Supply section is also high in the priority list.
    4. Finally, I will also think about a better way to present the most important information on the web site, with a separation between swing/long-term trading and short-term trading.